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In a nutshell it's the "What's In It for ME Page"...

We've set the VOIP page up so you could find an office environment that hopefully matches your business. Once you find a match, click on the appropriate link to go to the page that will explain some of the functionality advantages and also some examples of how costs can possibly be reduced by implementing IP into that particular office scenario. Plus a few little extras, to help give you a better understanding of IP technology.

Have just one office location "no" telecommuters? Want to know how VOIP can help you? (Click here)

With IP you can have telecommuters and that's good for employees and the companies that employ them. To find out how: (Click here)

Your company has multiple sites; well IP is perfect for you. To see some of the benefits: (Click here)

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Why "mix" IP and traditional telecommunications equipment? (Click here)

When you're talking about VOIP Reliability the network is a key ingredient. (Click here)

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