A VoIP Business Phone System

That Fits the Bill

A Starting Point for VoIP...

Just as a traditional PBX or small business phone system comes in many different configurations and pricing models the same is true of Voice over IP systems. The way some of the manufacturers originally introduced this new technology was to add IP capability to their legacy products.

Something Old, Something New...

In some cases adding IP to a traditional system makes the most sense, customers who had already purchased one of these phone systems wouldn't have to lose their investment to take advantage of current technology. New customers whose data network isn't up to snuff might find it cost prohibitive to upgrade. That customer could simply deploy Voice over IP where it made the most sense.

Companies can have a traditional system running digital phones in the main office on existing voice cabling and Voice over IP is added to run some outside employee's IP phones. Then there could be a company with multiple sites running digital phones at each site but IP is utilized to connect them all together.

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What's Good for the Goose...?

In some cases manufacturers make a Voice over IP system that can run a digital phone. This is a good migration path for the owners of their legacy products but for customers that want a security blanket; just in case the data network goes down, you can have a digital telephone in place for critical answering points.

The good news is the flexibility. You can mix and match when and where you implement VoIP. If one way makes sense today, but not tomorrow; you'll have the ability to change gears and go in a different direction with out starting completely over later on; that of course depends on which system you decide to start with today.

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