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Most phone systems have a good feature set; what separates Panasonic business phone systems is their ease of use, flexibility, and they're extremely reliable. Panasonic has done a great deal of market research, to identify features that most companies utilize, in their day to day operation. With this knowledge in hand, Panasonic proprietary telephones are designed with several fixed feature keys, and flexible feature keys, for easy one touch operation. Panasonic has phone systems that are capable of operating in many different work environments, allowing you the flexibility to utilize SIP, VOIP, Digital and Analog technologies, to suite your needs.

To see a graph on Panasonic's failure rates on telephone equipment, click the following link and go to page eight (8).("WHY" Panasonic Brochure)

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Cornerstone Telephony Solutions providing VoIP telecommunications
Cornerstone Telephony Solutions has been providing traditional & VoIP telecommunications equipment to the Charlotte, NC area since 1989.
Panasonic NCP500 the flexible IP Business Phone System
Reliable, Flexible, EASY to use and Affordable the Panasonic KX-NCP500 a terrific VOIP phone system for offices with 40 or fewer telephone stations.
The Panasonic 24 button SIX line display KX-NT346-B advanced IP Phone
Gives you ALL the features you could possibly expect from an IP phone at the touch of a button.
The Panasonic KX-TDA50G phone system delivers on every level for small business.
Whether you are starting out or replacing an existing small office phone system the Panasonic KX-TDA50G gives you the reliability and features you're looking for.
The KX-TO155 brings on-site multi-cell wireless to your Panasonic phone system
The KX-TO155 cell station combined with Panasonic's tough wireless handsets keep mobile office personnel connected.
With Panasonic's KX-TD7685 wireless handset you're still available in the office
A smart rugged wireless handset that is dust, shock and splash resistant, you'll find extremely effective for your wireless needs.
The Panasonic KX-TVA50 gives small business Voice Messaging done right.
Voice Messaging and Auto Attendant service that's easy to use, <strong>reliable</strong> and won't break the bank.
Panasonic KX-DT333 digital telephone incredibly reliable and always easy to use
Having 24 programmable LED buttons the KX-DT333-B digital telephone offers several features that are an easy one step process.
Panasonic KX-DT343 digital telephone incredibly reliable and always easy to use
Having 24 programmable LED buttons and Bluetooth capability the KX-DT343-B offers several features that are an easy one step process.
Packages of reliable Phone Systems for small to mid-size business.
Look at packages of select Panasonic business phone systems.
Small Business Phone Systems for offices from three phones to 128 phones.
Dependable feature rich small business phone systems from a basic small home office to networking sites together Panasonic is the right choice.
Advantages for businesses that utilize VOIP.
VOIP phones, VOIP PBX's and VOIP networking what's in it for you.
A Business Phone System that's flexible, affordable and reliable.
A Panasonic business phone system offers lots of one touch features, name brand reliability and great value.
Flexible Voice Messaging systems with Auto Attendant and Email functionality.
Voice Messaging systems with customizable Auto Attendant features to answer and process your call traffic.
Extremely versatile VOIP PBX phone systems.
Cornerstone sells VOIP PBX phone systems that are capable of operating SIP, IP, Digital and Analog on the same system from four phones to hundreds.

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