A Starting Point When Purchasing Your VoIP System

Make Sure You Keep What You Already Like...

When purchasing a new Voice over IP business phone system, examine your current system (assuming that you have one); make a list of your favorite features; list them from most important to least important. Also make a list of what you don't like about your current system.

Making a list of your favorite features will help to ensure that you keep the functionality in your new business phone system that's most important to you. Your list of dislikes will keep you from making the same mistake twice.

A Race Isn't Ran On Paper...

Ok so now you know some of the things you would like in your new VoIP system and also some things you want to avoid. Make sure that your favorite features are easy to use on the new system, because even though VoIP systems may look equal on paper saying, "you can run the 100 meter dash", doesn't mean you're ready for the Olympics.

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What Effect Do You Want the New System to Have...?

List the goals you wish to accomplish; in other words, how do you want your Voice over IP system to positively affect your organization's day to day operations?

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Better Communications Internally
  • Greater Control of Telecommunications Expenses at Branch Sites, etc.

After all, the phone system is a business tool. Selecting the right tool will make all the difference.

What Will You Spend...?

Finally, set a budget and then decide of the three basics:

  • features
  • goals
  • budget

Which are the most important and which is the least important? These three basic guides will help you in your decision and keep you from straying off course, allowing you to accomplish what you wanted in the first place.