Why NOW is the TIME for SIP...

Chances are you're already using Some VOIP...

You're considering SIP Trunking for your company, and you want to know whether this technology will be reliable? Well what you should know is, you've probably already used some mixture of VOIP. Most carriers have some type of IP backbone in place, that their utilizing for voice and data transmit ions.

    Some unique SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) attributes...

  • It can support any media type voice, video, and instant messaging

  • It is a text based protocol that people can actually read

  • SIP (is designed for real-time transmission) utilizes Real Time Transport Protocol

  • Companies with multiple sites can actually share voice channels

It's a VERY Big Deal...

With most carriers having an IP backbone in place, they have to make absolutely sure, that where they are converting lines from analog to digital signals, that latency and jitter issues are kept to a minimum. The carriers need IP; it's the only way they can be competitive. IP reduces their dependency on materials and all the maintenance that comes with it. That's probably one of the single biggest reasons why, we've seen such an improvement in VOIP communications.

With SIP you'll actually match better...

When you bring a SIP connection into your office, it matches the technology being used to link central offices. You'll actually reduce some of the conversions that have to be made, when you have analog lines from the phone company.

You'll have an IP phone, connected to an IP phone system, connected to SIP (IP) trunks, provided by an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider). Your calls may be converted at the last mile for the person receiving the call (the last mile, refers to the physical line connected between the phone company and the person receiving the call), but up until that last step, you'll probably be IP all the way.

It is the evolution of voice communications...

    SIP is more than just being cheaper, you get features that regular analog telephone lines just can't match.

  • Disaster Recovery, an IP networks ability to reroute traffic, is inherently more fault tolerant.

  • With SIP Trunking, you can choose DID's from around the country assigned to a central phone system.

  • Instant Scalability - Add or reduce capacity as needed, to control monthly recurring costs.

With competitive pressure at work and the need to do more with less, SIP has become the answer.

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